How to Find an Apartment in Boston During COVID-19

Posted: Jun 08, 2020

Many aspects of day-to-day life have become more challenging than ever due to COVID-19, including basic tasks like grocery shopping and working out. One thing that has also been significantly altered, is how to look for an apartment and prepare for a move. Those who are looking are struggling with how to trust photos and video tours for a place that they have not actually walked into and experienced in real life. While these hesitations are understandable, here are three tips to help make the process go smoother:

  1. Narrow down your neighborhood(s). The apartment search will be instantly less overwhelming if you narrow it down to one or two neighborhoods that you would like to live in. By focusing on neighborhoods, you can still scope out the look and feel of an area on-foot while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Is it a neighborhood where you can walk or bike to work or school, or will you need to use public transportation? Is there proper bike-friendly infrastructure so that you can ride safely? Do you have direct access to entertainment, food, shopping and other public spaces like parks? These are some of the things to consider while walking around the neighborhood. Are you moving to the Boston area from a different city? Try using Google earth to “walk” the streets and look up blogs and articles about “things to do.” It’s important to think both about how the neighborhood will be to live in when the weather is great, and when the cold winter sets in. For example, our home in Central Square in Cambridge is vibrant and diverse and has something for everyone to do, from gorgeous spring day to beating the winter blues.
  2. Seek out buildings with experienced property management teams. We put a lot of thought into selecting Greystar to manage Market Central, and we have found that they can call on their national expertise to implement the best practices to deliver an exceptional experience for residents and ensure that the community is well kept. Additionally, in this time of COVID-19, Greystar’s seasoned staff is well-trained in CDC cleaning standards for apartments, common areas, and amenity areas like the gym and lounge areas. There is also an added layer of safety and security in living in a building that is professionally managed 24/7. Residents with atypical work schedules or those who like to stay out late at night can breathe easy about returning home. Property management teams also make the process of selecting an apartment smooth for residents by offering 3D virtual tours, and go above and beyond to create exceptional resident programming. Greystar has been flexible and ahead of the industry in quickly shifting to offering outstanding virtual programming for our residents due to COVID-19.
  3. Look beyond the marketing materials. Marketing materials are certainly useful to learn more about a property and its amenities, however, they are intentionally designed to portray a perfect life to make you feel like it would be a missed opportunity to pass it up. Ask to see actual pictures and videos of how the home looks today so that you can envision yourself living there. And if the home is currently occupied, ask if you can do a quick video chat with the current residents to learn more about their experience living there and to see how the unit looks on a typical day.

We cannot wait for COVID-19 to be behind us and for life to resume as close to normal as possible. Until then, we are committed to making it as stress-free as possible for our potential residents to navigate our leasing process, and we are continuing to innovate our process as the world around us evolves. If this sounds like a place you would like to call home, schedule a virtual tour.

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